Are You Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Each Night?

We all perform better when we’ve had a good night’s rest. But it’s just so hard these days. If you live in an apartment, you no doubt have noise coming from neighbors or kids playing outside. Many people live near freeways and busy roads now. Worry is another big obstacle to a good night’s sleep. We’re all concerned these days about getting our lives back on track. You may have lost your job this past year.

There are so many obstacles to getting a good night’s rest. What can you do about all this? One action you can take is to buy a new mattress. Just think about how long it’s been since you purchased a new mattress. This is a big-ticket item that we typically don’t believe we can afford. But prices are coming way down these days. There are also options like memory foam toppers that can give you a good night’s rest while still being affordable.

Foam mattresses are now advertised on TV and have become very popular. But they can be expensive. You’re just paying for a name brand. Those popular brands can cost $600 for a queen and prices go up from there into the thousands of dollars. A more cost-efficient solution is to purchase a memory foam topper.

These are available in 2inch, 3inch and 4inch. This foam is hypoallergenic and temperature sensitive. It molds to your body’s shape. If you have two people sleeping in the same bed who are different sizes, then you can purchase two twin size memory foam toppers. This allows you to get a restful night’s sleep that isn’t disturbed by the other person rolling over or moving around all night.

Other reasons to change your mattress

Not that you need these, but there are multiple reasons why you should change out your mattress on a regular basis. An old mattress is often lumpy and you may wake up with an aching back several days a week. Older mattresses are more prone to get bed bug infestations. These are so difficult to get rid of once you get them. You’ll sleep more soundly on a good mattress and wake up feeling great and ready to tackle the day.

Don’t forget your pillow!

We often forget that our pillow needs changing out regularly too. It can get stains and odors embedded that are impossible to remove. Pillows are not that expensive and you can easily find memory foam pillows now that will conform to your head, neck and shoulders. This is a cost-effective way to get a better night’s rest.

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