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Essential Gear for Throwing a Gelato Social

Written by: Gelato Products

One popular summertime activity that far too few indulge in is the ice cream social. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit and put a twist on the formula, a gelato party is a crackerjack idea. While gelato is similar to ice cream, you’ll need some specialized pieces of gear to throw a party. Consider the following items for your upcoming gelato social.

Shallow Cups

Unlike ice cream, gelato isn’t typically served up in cones. Traditionally, gelato has always been a bowl-and-spoon dessert. If you’re planning to throw a topnotch gelato soirée, you’ll definitely need to acquire plenty of plastic or wax paper ice cream cups for your guests. Alternatively, you can always go the extra mile and get a set of personalized ceramic gelato bowls.

Gelato Spoons

To truly appreciate the unique texture and taste of gelato, it’s important to avoid using ordinary coffee or soup spoons. Gelato spoons boast a relatively small, flat bowl space. This encourages individuals to take their time and savor the experience. Purchase a slew of plastic or metal gelato spoons in bulk online before you send out invites to your guest list.

Fondue Sets for Sauce

Although gelato is fine and dandy unadorned by confections and toppings, there’s something to be said for adding a little sauce to the mix. For instance, many like to splash a little chocolate sauce on their pistachio or mint gelato. A set of fondue pots for keeping sauces at the appropriate temperatures is a wise investment since it can be reused later.

Pans and Liners

Keeping gelato cool in hot outdoor scenarios is a lot easier if you have the right gelato pan liners to store ice. Do a little window shopping on the web to find the right mix of pans and liners for serving gelato and preventing it from melting. Opt for stainless steel models that will dissipate heat quickly and last a long time.

A Gelato Machine

For the ultimate gelato social experience, you’ll really need a gelato machine of your own. Custom gelato machines come in all shapes and sizes at every price point. If you decide to go this route, you’ll need to play around with your specific model and experiment with recipes for a few days to get the swing of things. Thankfully, most consumer-oriented gelato machines are highly automated these days.

Off Without a Hitch

Planning the perfect ice cream or gelato social well in advance is the key to hosting a well-received event. If you want to go all out on your party, the hardware items mentioned here are must-haves. Fortunately, all of that gear can be had at bargain prices online from a wide array of reputable vendors that deliver quality goods.

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