What Exactly Is Online Radio?

Have you ever heard people talk about online radio and had no clue what they were talking about?  Basically online radio is a radio station or music service that is transmitted through the internet.  It is often also called streaming radio or web radio.  It first hit the internet scene in the 1990’s but never really became popular until the 2000’s.  That is basically when people discovered that they could listen to all types of music.

What is even better is that internet radio gives you the opportunity to listen to music you may never heard of or never thought of listening to.  Maybe you have never listened to Christian music before or maybe you never heard of South African radio stations.  All this is possible with internet radio.  All you need is an internet connection.  It is as easy as that.  Another thing you may not realize is that you can access online radio not just on your computer but in your car or on your cell phone as well.

 But just where do you find all these cool radio stations?  You can start by heading on over to the website www.onlineradiostations.com.  They have the largest list of free online radio stations.  You can find all the music that you like to listen to all in once place.  They have listings for everything from the music of the 1940’s to radio stations from South Africa.  This is the absolute best guide on the internet.

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