What’s Happening With Beyonce’s New Album?

Beyonce has spent a good part of 2013 performing at the SuperBowl, appearing in a documentary and three hi-profile ad campaigns, working towards the premeire of new songs as well as promoting a World Tour.

But what is she promoting?


It’s definitely not a new album, according to her reps, even though they denied reports of her scrapping almost 50 new songs and Columbia Records being concerned about the delays involved with her new album.


The latter might be true as it was clear that Beyonce was setting something up for the spring, a follow-up album to “4”, considering all the things that she had on her plate. However, all this activity has led nowhere, and there has been no album release in spring or until now.


Of course, there have been soft launches of songs namely Grown Woman and Standing on the Sun with each of them tied to an advertising campaign. However, her reps have confirmed that these song would merely feature on her disc.


Some reps say that she’s a perfectionist, and since her fans love her, they’re more than happy to be patient until the next record comes out.


Although, fans are getting impatient, considering an incident when a fan asked her when the next album would be released, and she responded by saying: November.


It was apparent to some that she did not like the question while other blogs have, rather disparagingly, stated that the delayed album was more torture rather than teaser.


And despite all the fuss, knowing Beyonce who doesn’t mind working hard, one wonders whether this delay will actually push her to turn things around and silence her critics once and for all.

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